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Over 40 Years of CEMS Expertise

CEMSOURCE (formerly part of Campbell-Sevey, Inc.) provides industry leading continuous emission measurement products and solutions for a wide variety of industries including power generation, manufacturing, biomedical, and agriculture. As a manufacturers’ rep of Teledyne Monitor Labs products for over 40 years, we have the expertise to provide outstanding auditing, parts, repair and service.

CEMSOURCE Leadership


Brian Ross


CEMSOURCE is led by Brian Ross, former President of Campbell-Sevey, Inc. Brian brings his vast experience in providing solutions to the steam, air and water along with 43 years of direct experience with CEMS. He understands the value of accurate data to ensure compliance with federal, state and local emission requirements and knows what solutions work best to meet your needs


Bob Bohlken


Bob Bohlken has been servicing CEMS products and analyzers for 40 years, most recently as Service Manager at Campbell-Sevey. Bob heads our team of Service Technicians to ensure high performance during maintenance checks, audits, service and repair.

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